The eyes are the most amazing information-packed part of the human body. From the whites of the eyes to the black pupil in the center, every little thing, every fibre difference, every colour, pigmentation, shape variation and fibre depth, all provide a trained Iridologist with valuable information regarding the state of ones’ health, their mind and body.

The Right Eye

Here is a picture of a right eye. I want to share with you some of the information perceivable with the use of Iridology and Sclerology, using the charts that have been developed over the centuries, so that you understand why this technique/modality is so important. The charts of the eye represent every organ and system in the human body.

From this picture, I can discern a tendency toward asthmatic or lung conditions (perhaps there have been past infections of the lungs), an imbalance with the (right) thyroid, a high probability of nervousness which will affect this individual’s digestive function (termed a “nervous stomach”), imbalances with the stomach (acid levels likely higher than usual, may suffer from heartburn, if not now, then later in life), highly active mind, inflammation in the back, neck and shoulder, and possibly a deficiency of some essential fatty acids, and a likelihood of foggy thinking or difficulty concentrating.

That is just some of the physical manifestations. Others include the visible blood vessels in the whites of the eyes: There may be some increase in blood flow to the lungs (perhaps the body is making attempts to repair), and possibly a fungal infection (perhaps in the ear), which manifests as a webbing of blood vessels.

Emotionally, this individual has difficulty “letting go,” or forgiving (situations, people or circumstances). This person is somewhat of an idealist and is likely to be a great perfectionist. This is a perfect configuration for a possible OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) situation, if not kept in check.

As you can see, all this information would be valuable to know TODAY, so that this individual can take preventative steps to ensure he/she does not find themselves in an unfortunate situation of thyroid problems (which are extremely prevalent in North America, particularly among women) and problems with their lungs (for example, cancer) in the future.


Would this not be something you could use TODAY, to help yourself TOMORROW?

I invite you to book a private consultation so that we can work together to make sure you are on your path to optimal health.


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