If you’ve not heard of Michael Schmidt yet, you should have by now. He is an Ontario farmer, raised in Germany. He practices biodynamic farming (which essentially is a sustainable method of organic farming). Michael Schmidt is a raw milk advocate and has been providing parts of Ontario with organic, raw unpasteurized milk.

Michael Schmidt has been in a battle with the government over the sale of raw milk for quite some time, and more recently over the herd share program he was running, where members of the community could share ownership of an individual cow.

In Germany and Europe (all 27 countries in the European Union), the sale of raw milk is legal. Unfortunately, here in Canada (and Australia), raw milk sales are illegal. There is no law however to drinking raw unpasteurized milk, as Mr. Schmidt explains in the video below.

Here is the short clip of The Morning Show with Michael Schmidt, August 18, 2014.

Morning Show guest Michael Schmidt

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If you need more detailed information about Mr. Michael Schmidt’s case, please review this page here; it contains many more links to various news websites and articles.

Later on we’ll discuss the benefits and describe the perceived dangers of consuming raw milk.

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