Cupping Massage Therapy
Cupping Massage Therapy

Over this past weekend I attended a course in Cupping Massage and am pleased to announce today that I am now offering dry cupping as an additional modality to include in my massage therapy treatments, when requested.

The quickest way I can personally describe Cupping Massage is by referring to a household central vacuum: It feels very similar to sucking your skin with your household vacuum, with the addition of moving it along the skin with lotion or gel. You can imagine how it may feel and understand how it can be such a deep technique without much physical pressure.

Cupping Background

Cupping is a traditional Chinese medicine modality used to stimulate acupuncture points (when used with a needle), stimulate detoxification and improve circulation, by applying a small plastic, glass or bamboo cup to the skin and creating a vacuum within the cup with either heat or a hand-held air pump to a local area of skin.

There are two kinds of cupping, wet and dry. Dry cupping is only used on healthy skin and tissues, and is the only form of cupping offered. Wet cupping involves intentionally puncturing the skin to increase the effectiveness of the treatment.

Each cup may remain stationary for up to 20 minutes on the body, or may be moved around with the application of lotion. This is referred to as Cupping Massage.

Cupping Massage

With the use of cupping during a massage treatment, you can expect to feel a deep massage treatment working on the connective tissues of the body, without a firm pressure. Cupping literally suctions the skin and connective tissue (fascia) up away from the underlying muscles, thereby reducing fascial adhesions, improving range of motion, local circulation and decreasing pain.

Benefits of Cupping Massage

  • Increase circulation and improving elimination of toxins
  • Stimulate healing from the increase in circulation
  • Decrease connective tissue (fascial) adhesions
  • Improving range of motion of affected joints/muscles
  • Improving posture and alleviating physical dysfunction

Effects of Cupping

Generally speaking, a cupping massage is not painful. Depending on the area being treated however, you may experience tight stretching sensations, especially with cup movement over affected areas.

Although attempts are always made to avoid bruising of local areas, you should always expect the treated areas to develop bruises lasting for up to two weeks, depending on the length and aggressiveness of treatment. Always communicate your goals and concerns with your therapist.


If you are interested in scheduling a cupping massage therapy appointment, call or text me directly on my cell at (519) 568-3009.

Have a great week everyone!


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